The Milanese

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The Milanese. An old Italian, Oregon style.

41 1/2 inch string

46 inch body w/button

6 1/2 inch rib at button

9 inch rib at saddle

19 1/2 inch upper bout

13 3/4 inch c bout

26 1/2 inch lower bout

The Milanese is currently my most popular model. There is something about the sound, feel, and look that really appeals to bassists. The instrument shown here has a pine top and a flat, plain maple back. It has a fantastic feel under both hands and a wonderfully "cushiony" sound.

"The description I have been using is that #20 sounds like dark chocolate tastes! The consistency of the tone and the timbre in all registers and across the strings is amazing. I have never encountered anything like this in a new instrument and certainly not in this price range."

Glenn Dewey

Principal Bassist -

"The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band and Chamber Orchestra

Professor of Double Bass/Coordinator of Strings-

George Mason University